Hydroponics and Agtech Entrepreneurship in India | Dhrav Khanna, Triton Foodworks

For the last 10 years, I have spent the majority of my time looking at sustainability as a function of urbanization, and the resource footprints of urban residents, in Asia.

Particularly how will Asia’ urban systems be challenges by the movement of the next two billion Asians moving into cities (by 2030), and what the role of entrepreneurs and innovators will be as THE force to deliver the solutions required for sustainability in local environments, economies, and communities.

So, while the news surrounding Chennai’s water shortage is now top of mind, and in keeping in mind there are dozens of other cities in India that are under similar threat, earlier this year I met with an amazing entrepreneur named Dhrav Khanna of Delhi based Triton Foodworks and interviewed him about his work.

It was an amazing discussion, similar to those I have had in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and while I was impressed by his systems, and saw similar challenges in business model, the one thing I really appreciated was in his approach to measuring how much water his systems saved against traditional farming.

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