Profit Vs. Non-profit | Mission Driven Podcast, Episode 003

Following our first two episodes, where Tom Stader and I spoke about having a clear mission and piloting your first program, our third livestream this Thursday, April 29, will focus on the difference between establishing a non-profit vs. for profit organization.

The decision to register an organization as a for profit or non-profit is fundamentally one of the most important “early” decisions that a founder will make.

It is a decision that may be based in personal preference, how the org will deliver on its missions, local laws, or who gives you money first, and the implications of this decision will reach every aspect into the organization, in perpetuity as it will influence where there organization can source its funding, reporting requirements, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how the ownership of shares are structured, and what exits are available to the founder(s).

For the purposes of this discussion, we will not wade into the definitions of Charity or “social enterprise” (and I will use air quotes), but on MISSION DRIVEN organizations whose founders already have a clear mission, have their MVP (min viable product) ready, but are looking to burn their boats and make it official.

It is a topic for mission driven entrepreneurs who are just getting started, and we hope that you will take the time to join us!

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About the Mission Driven Podcast:

About Rich Brubaker
Driven by the belief that change begins with a single step, Richard Brubaker has spent the last 15 years in Asia working to engage, inspire, and equip those around him to take their first step.

Acting as a catalyst to driving sustainability, Brubaker works with government, corporate, academic and non-profit stakeholders to bring together knowledge, teams, and tools that develop and execute their business case for sustainability.

About Tom Stader:
Tom Stader is the Founder and Board Chair of The Library Project, an organization that donates libraries to under financed schools and orphanages in Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

He believes that education is the key motivator to breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in the developing world. In 2006 at the age of 32, Tom had a simple idea to donate libraries to two orphanages in Dalian, China. Soon after those libraries were complete, Tom founded The Library Project.

Since then, Tom and his dedicated team have completed 2000 library donations, impacting over 1,000,000 eager young readers. Tom is passionate about International Social Entrepreneurship and improving rural literacy.