Christmas Cookies for Kids

For the past 10 years, HandsOn Shanghai been working with various members of Shanghai to fully understand and develop programming to address the needs of Shanghai’s 400,000 migrant school children who are studying in one of the areas 350+ migrant schools.

For many, attending privately run migrant schools has long been their only choice as:

  1. Fees at Shanghai public schools are seen as too high
  2. the schools are often located farther from home than migrant schools
  3. The Children prefer studying with other migrant children

With this in mind, Hands on Shanghai worked with schools (Pudong and Puxi) to implement holistic programs to improve the conditions within these schools:

  1. Improve infrastructure (painting, library donation, sports equipment)
  2. Mentoring programs
  3. Tutoring and club programs

Over the course of multiple years, HandsOn Shanghai arranged groups of migrant students and volunteers to enjoy a day of making cookies together.  Designed to be highly engaging in nature, the goals of this program will be:

  • Expose volunteers and students to the idea of giving through simple action
  • Provide students with the chance to make cookies and to experience and enjoy new things in life with the help of volunteers.
  • Leading students to form positive attitude towards life and inspiring them how to deal with possible pressure and setbacks according to their life experience.