Regularly speaking in front of corporate executives, government officials, academics, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs, Rich has developed a series of flexible formats to cater to the needs of the group or individual he is speaking in front of.

Sessions are designed to be interactive, current, lively, and loaded with tools and grounded in the experience, the engagement of external stakeholders, delivery of case studies, and put to practice through co-creation sprints.

Through each engagement, my is to ensure participants leave inspired and equipped to take the “next steps” to elevate sustainability across their business.

Engagement Formats

& Keynotes

1.5 - 2 hour executive briefings, to help drive executive awareness on environmental and social challenges, and provide insights opportunities for beyond “Business as Usual” business models

& Learn

1.5 - 2 hour events, that provide the opportunity to learn about environmental & social challenges that are aligned to their firm, the corporate strategy and programs in place, and opportunities for their  active engagement.


& Roundtables

Full-day or half-day events for up to 150 key stakeholders leveraging curated panels, case presentations, and networking, to inspire, engage, and equip participants to find opportunities to elevate sustainability within their own work.

Workshops &

Full-day or half-day co-creation workshops bring together internal &  external stakeholders to better understand the challenges faced while working collaboratively to find innovative solutions in people, product, and process.

Recent Engagements