In addressing the challenges that I see the world facing, at the scale and speed by which they are growing, I have always looked to develop, and be engaged through, a range of platforms.   Platforms, that on their own are focused in solving a problem, bringing balance to a system, or to catalyze others, and when brought together are able to leverage the power of the network to have an outsized impact.

It’s a dream, I know, but when it works, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Platforms of Engagement

Collective Responsibility

Founder and Managing Director of China based consulting agency focused on helping organizations define and deploy sustainability strategy.

Mission Driven

Supporting the capacity of Mission Driven Entrepreneurship & Innovation

American Chamber of Commerce

Chair of AMCHAM Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee


Youtube & Podcasts

Developed, and managed, three channels focused on inspiring sustainability, social innovation, and mission driven entrepreneurs

Boards & Committees

In addition to my work above, I currently serve on the following boards, committees, and fellowships.

US Commericial Service

Climate Working Group

BMW Global Diplmacy Lab

Financial Sustainability Task Team

Shanghai American School

Advancement Task Force

Saint Louis University High

Sustainability Subcommittee