Being an active angel investor in entrepreneurs and early stage firms is one of the most important pieces of building a strong socially minded ecosystem.

It is a roll that I am uniquely positioned for given my history of building successful profit and non-profit enterprises, mentoring and advising entrepreneurs, and incubators to some of Asia’s most successful enterprises.

Unlike larger impact funds that are looking for proven organizations, I am looking to take ACTIVE positions where I can work with the founders on a regular basis to help build the organization’s strategy, tactics, and products/ services delivery. I look to assist firms prepare for future stages of development through workshops, training, and mentoring at various levels of the organization, and will make leverage my extensive network to introduce clients, board members, and new sources of funding.

When evaluating opportunities, I am looking to make investments in entrepreneurs whose product, service, or technology will bring a positive impact to one of the below areas:

    • Education
    • Food
    • Elderly

For those that are interested, please contact me with your proposal.

A proposal that should include the following elements.

    • What is your PERSONAL vision and purpose?
    • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
    • What is the value proposition of your product/ service?
    • Who is on your team, and what are their backgrounds?
    • What is holding you (your product) back from greatness?