For HandsOn Shanghai, we believe that for change to take place, awareness and tangibility of issues serves as the foundation for action, so beginning in 2014, HandsOn Shanghai has mobilized volunteers to clean up local beaches in Shanghai.

A mobilization that we hoped would raise awareness for ocean and marine life protection, and ultimately reduce damage to the marine environment, and over the last 10 years more than 7,500 volunteers participated in beach clean-ups at Shanghai’s local beaches, to help protect the marine environment, enhance environmental awareness, and promote community service concept.

While the act of cleaning the beach is itself laudable, the reality is that cleaning the beach is itself not enough. It is, in our eyes, a first step, and one that we intend to build on by building a more robust program. A program that consists of fours specific areas.


To drive awareness about the issue, HandsOn will partner with university clubs to run a series of awareness campaigns on campus, and support a number of wider events where student volunteers/ clubs can be empowered.


During this program, HandsOn developed both physical and virtual educational kit that will provide practical insights into the challenge faced, as well as practical tips for how individuals can reduce their individual waste.


Through the first five years, HandsOn engaged 7500 volunteers from local communities, schools, and companies to participate in clean up activities along Shanghai waster ways.


Through this program, HandsOn worked to encourage, and measure the scalability of this program, be it through measurements of trash collected, numbers of media hits, virality of our posts, or the reported behavioral changes of those engaged.

It was a goal for tangible action to scale, and as best we can, we aim to find ways to encourage and scientifically measure that.