Make A Difference Day

Make a Difference Day (MADD) is a chance for volunteer- involving organizations and individual volunteers to promote their contributions to development at local level.

Every year, thousands of volunteers from individual, students group and corporate team would help local communities and non-profit sectors maintain a high level of customer service, offer a growing number of interpretive programs and help their staff maintain properties and facilities.

Volunteers are involved in activities that range from answering community residences questions on recycling and leading fun tour with children in need to improving facilities for migrant students and visiting elderly center.

MADD offers different types of volunteer opportunities to involve people of all ages and abilities while matching volunteer interests and needs of local communities.

In 2011, occurring over a two day period, May 27 and 28, MADD created more than 75 high-impact community service projects to address critical local nonprofit issue areas; more than 1500 volunteers joined us. It definitely was a great success.

Through this program, HandsOn Shanghai hoped:

  • To mobilize people from difference ages and background to become catalysts for positive change in our communities
  • Raising awareness of volunteerism in Shanghai and offer opportunities for volunteers to be exposed to different social & environmental issues
  • A platform that matches the needs between NGOs and volunteers
  • Partner with local organizations to develop programs that address local needs
  • Develop communication tools to share experiences and best practices of volunteer day program