Rising Star Program

Rising Star works to embolden and encourage Shanghai’s underprivileged youth by providing meaningful relationships with caring adults outside children’s families.

Partnering children from migrant families with young professionals in Shanghai, volunteers acted as mentors to children, giving their time in activities and outings with their mentee. Bonds formed not only enhance the lives of the children, but also allow adults to give back to their community.

To create a fun and educational environment where mentors and mentees can build their relationships, group activities were hosted by HandsOn for the first three months, and from there, each pairing was encouraged to continue their relationship through school partnerships.

As part of program, we organized trips to the urban planning museum, bowling, indoor snow skiing, photo tours of Shanghai, urban scavenger hunts, and other events that will provide a safe, fun, and educational environment.

Thereafter, mentors provide their child with one-on-one time and attention in their communities, typically two to four times a month, where they cultivate relationships that provide children with skills to manage every day challenges.

Through simple friendship, volunteers experience the joy of helping children discover a world of possibilities and opportunities.