For the past several weeks, we at Collective Responsibility have been identifying and interviewing leading entrepreneurs for good who have created, implemented, and directed brands and innovations for the greater good.

Each of these entrepreneurs has a story, so we sat down with them and let them tell it.

Entrepreneurs for Good

Through this series, we speak with Asia-based entrepreneurs who have made it their mission to bring solutions to the environmental, social, and economic challenges challenging the region. These interviews provide the opportunity to learn more about these unique individuals’ vision, the opportunities they see, and challenges that they have had to overcome.

Entrepreneurs for Good is a series that we hope will not only engage and inspire you, but catalyze you and your organization into action: to identify a challenge that is tangible, and build a business model (whether for-profit or non-profit) that brings creative, beneficial solutions to the market.

Interview Snippet: Nissa Marion, Ecozine

Nissa Marion is a Hong Kong-based environmentalist. Born and raised in Canada, she deeply loves nature and wild places, and believes that education, engagement, and collaboration are the keys to sustainability.

Nissa is the Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Event Director of Ecozine, Asia’s premiere guide to modern sustainable living, which produces a quarterly print magazine, a daily-updated website (, a weekly e-newsletter and world-class events such as Hong Kong’s own Zero Waste Week, successfully launched in 2015. She is committed to using popular media to focus the world’s attention on environmental issues and inspire change for the better.

“Yeah, it’s pretty easy to say what inspires me, actually, because I love getting out in nature. And I mean, maybe it’s cheesy! Like yes, ‘nature inspires everybody’.

But after a long week or three weeks in a row without a break of work? One hour in the forest, one hike, one afternoon at the beach is just enough to revive me, incredibly.

And that’s exactly what we’re working to protect.”

This is just one sneak peek of the full Entrepreneurs for Good series coming your way in the next few weeks and months, featuring dozens of entrepreneurs and social innovators. Five interviews and their snippets are already available, so check them out!

Every entrepreneur has a story, but entrepreneurs like Nissa go above and beyond. It’s about time someone share these stories with the world. Join us as we interview and showcase enterprising leaders who intent to develop and advance their projects Beyond Business As Usual.

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