In this episode of Entrepreneurs For Good, I sit down with a fantastic young entrepreneur named Monish Siripurapu.

Initially learning about his work through the UNEP video Indian architect looks to nature to cool without chemicals, we sat down for a couple of hours (in the rain) to discuss the challenges he sees, the products he is building, and how he is looking to create a decentralized business model to bring it all to scale.

He has a lot of energy, big ideas, and I certainly look forward to seeing his products come to market!

About #EntrepreneursForGood Series:
Through this series, we speak with Asia based entrepreneurs whose mission it is to bring solutions to the environmental, social, and economic challenges that are faced within the region to learn more about their vision, the opportunities they see, and challenges that they have had to overcome.

It is a series that we hope will not only engage and inspire you, but catalyze you and your organizations into action. To identify a challenge that is tangible, and build a business model (profit or non) that brings a solution to the market

About Monish:
Monish Siripurapu is the founder principal of Ant Studio based out of New Delhi. He graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi in 2009. He received the prestigious JN Tata scholarship in 2015 for his PG Diploma in Robotic Fabrication from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Spain.

In collaboration with his colleagues, he has won many national and international architectural competitions and has been published in renowned architectural journals.

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About Rich:
Driven by the belief that change begins with a single step, Richard Brubaker has spent the last 15 years in Asia working to engage, inspire, and equip those around him to take their first step.

Acting as a catalyst to driving sustainability, Brubaker works with government, corporate, academic and non-profit stakeholders to bring together knowledge, teams, and tools that develop and execute their business case for sustainability.

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